[bisq-network/projects] Introduce interface between Bisq and BitcoinJ (#30)

dmos62 notifications at github.com
Thu Jun 11 12:17:14 UTC 2020

Status update:

While I believe that this project is very valuable in the medium to long term, and I very much enjoy working on it, I'm putting it on hold, because I feel like there are short-term Bisq responsibilities that I should move my attention to. Follow a few notes I'd like to share.

This project is relatively slow to implement. To illustrate, I've spent 3 weeks refactoring logic surrounding PeerGroup, which is the simplest and least critical part of our Bitcoin code (that's also why I chose to start with it), and that's about 50% finished (intuition).

Whereas I started out thinking that this project would be low-hanging-fruit-only type of task, I soon realised that the really tangible increase in maintainability is from diving deep into Bisq code.

I've discovered a pretty complicated algorithm (which decides how we source peers) and I've not yet decided how to approach its audit and eventual refactor. I've created a TLA+ state machine of it (took about a week), but this algo has so many initial states that it's hard to define the properties that the algorithm should satisfy. For example, if a local bitcoin node is provided and custom nodes are provided too and we're in regtest, what sourcing method should be used? What about DAO regtest? I'm not really sure. And those are not all the input variables. Defining what to do for Mainnet is not that hard, but the rest is complicated, because it requires knowing a lot about Bisq. So that's the last thing I was working on.

Project's commit structure is such that it can be merged in installations and read one by one. I took care to have most if not all commits do only one thing, because for a reviewer 2 commits doing 2 simple things can be a lot simpler to review than those 2 commits squashed into 1.

I plan to now move to doing some PR reviewing and urgent bugfixing. I've considered continuing work on this refactor part-time, but I don't see myself being able to multitask this.

I'll PR the refactor to make my progress so far available.

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