[bisq-network/proposals] [WIP] Introduce recurring "Dev-Calls" (#231)

Florian Reimair notifications at github.com
Sun Jun 14 08:59:13 UTC 2020

the thoughts behind publicly streaming/uploading are twofold basically:
- first, we always uploaded any dev-call in the past for the general public to view, mainly to provide the transparency the DAO and Bisq as an open source project should have.
- second, since Q1/2020 it felt like the open source structure has gone completely and some single individuals are making the calls on priorities and what is to be done - behind closed doors. A few of us know that this has never been true but it kinda felt weird. By making them as public as possible, we might counter-act and on the one hand show live how decision are made (in context) and on the other hand, publicly invite people to bring in ideas and concerns

yet again, this kind of openness may make people uncomfortable and not join at all.

I am just not sure if creating meeting minutes will cut it - I am glad to try it though.

@sqrrm just to verify my understanding: would you actively join a public call with many unknown people attending if nothing is recorded?

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