[bisq-network/bisq] Bisq erases all state data (bitcoin addresses, transactions) when launched alongside Bitcoin core (#4318)

mattmill30 notifications at github.com
Wed Jun 17 16:41:51 UTC 2020

I attempted to reverse the re-initialisation by replacing the files in Bisq/Btc_mainnet/{db,keys,wallet} with backup files from prior to the erasure, but the balance, transaction receive funds addresses remain re-initialised.

The files which were reverted to backup versions were:

- AddressEntryList
- BallotList
- NavigationPath
- PeerList
- PreferencesPayload
- SequenceNumberMap
- UnconfirmedBsqChangeOutputList
- UserPayload


- enc.key
- sig.key


- bisq_BSQ.wallet
- bisq_BTC.wallet

The files which couldn't be reverted because backup versions weren't available, so the re-initialised version was left in place:

- AccountAgeWitnessStore
- BlindVoteStore
- DaoStateStore
- ProposalStore
- SignedWitnessStore
- TempProposalStore
- temp5984691532433223798.tmp
- temp9985995058067816881.tmp
- TradeStatistics2Store


- bisq.spvchain
- wallet516136899857780891.tmp
- wallet14528095496907500296.tmp

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