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Wed Jun 17 17:07:00 UTC 2020

# Cycle 14 report

Total Cases in Cycle: 30
Still open: 7
Closed: 23

* definition: I made the previous report but didn't clarify on my definition of what's in a given cycle. I'm using the mediation start date as the main date AND while the voting period is open, the case falls into that cycle. Because we need to do these reports in the middle of the voting period I think it is worth to just update the reports once the next report is done.

With that in mind here is the consolidated view on Cycle 13 and the WIP for Cycle 14:

Cycle 13 [Consolidated]
Total Cases in Cycle: 36
Amount mediated: 3.4068 BTC
Notes: what I wrote before

Cycle 14 [WIP]
Total Cases in Cycle: 30
Amount mediated: 2.7203 BTC
Notes: we had quite a few +6 cases related to Revolut. This was mainly due to Revolut updating their design and breaking the flow that bisq traders would normally do. Now the solution is very simple: ask the trader for the username and search with that, also, keep in mind that usernames ARE case sensitive

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