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Sat Jun 20 08:36:53 UTC 2020

## Cycle 14 report

This will be my last cycle report as admin team lead. Per my announcement earlier this month, I'll be stepping away from Bisq to focus on personal matters, and the other team leads have agreed it's best that we simply do away with this role going forward. As such, I'm closing this issue as dropped.

My main efforts on the admin side this cycle included:

 - Winding down and handing off my various responsibilities
 - Discussing and planning efforts to better prioritize and focus on our dev efforts
 - Putting together and delivering the Bisq Q2 2020 Update call (bisq-network/admin#81)

Regarding handing off my responsibilities as Admin Team Lead:

- Managing the budget will be a shared responsibility among the remaining team leads
- I have completed and closed out most of my management-related projects and tasks at the time of this writing, though a couple remain. I will work to hand these off to other team leads as appropriate over the next few days.
- Thus far, I have been responsible for reviewing the compensation requests of other team leads; going forward this should be a peer-review function, where each team lead must have their request reviewed by at least one other team lead.
- Roles that have been organized under the @bisq-network/admin team such as @bisq-network/compensation-maintainers should also ensure they get their compensation request reviewed by, ideally, one of the remaining team leads. Fortunately, there aren't many such roles, just a couple.

/cc bisq-network/compensation#600

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