[bisq-network/roles] Arbitrator (formerly known as Refund Agent) (#93)

taxd notifications at github.com
Sat Jun 20 11:18:29 UTC 2020

Can you speak on the compensation rate for the role? Is it satisfactory? 

The compensation for the work is satisfactory for me. However my position is risky financially in case e. g. Bisq has a serious bug and disappears. I doubt I will get my outlays back then. Other people might demand higher compensation due to this risk.

Could you share the work with other people? Is the work level okay?

Sharing this position would be much better in many ways. For one thing, it takes away a single point of failure and allows redundancy in case somebody disappear. I would also distribute the outlays of btc making this role available for more people. In particular if the number of cases could go down to ten/month or so. Two-three refund agents would then get one case/week which is trivial to handle. The workload is not very heavy (unless I get into support), but I need to be available always. 

What makes the role expensive? Are you able to keep a medium of your reimbursements in BTC by trading your BSQ to the burningman or other market makers?
Reimbursements from burningman works well. I never sell on the market since the liquidity is so low.


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