[bisq-network/projects] Add support for BSQ into the mempool.space explorer, replace our current BSQ Explorers with self-hosted Mempool Explorers (#37)

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Mon Jun 22 13:57:22 UTC 2020

> _This is a Bisq Network project. Please familiarize yourself with the [project management process](https://bisq.wiki/Project_management)._

## Description
Replace the very old BSQ Explorer codebase by adding support for BSQ into [Mempool.Space](https://mempool.space), and replace our current BSQ Explorers with Mempool Nodes so Bisq gains an integrated BTC and BSQ Explorer with Mempool Fee Estimation API support.

## Rationale
* Bisq's current BSQ Explorer sucks. Mempool Explorer is awesome. Having a modern explorer website for $BSQ will add a huge value to the Bisq infrastructure.
* Bisq's current BSQ Explorer cannot display unconfirmed transactions. When users click on an unconfirmed BSQ transaction from within the Bisq app, the BSQ Explorer crashes with a strange NaN error. The Mempool explorer will simply show this as an unconfirmed transaction, not showing any BSQ details until confirmed, and display realtime TX tracking until it does get confirmed, letting users know exactly what is going on with their BSQ transaction.
* Bisq's current BSQ Explorer backend often gets stuck due to various issues and is a headache for BSQ Explorer operators to maintain. Mempool Explorer is very stable and easy to maintain.
* Bisq ops team will reduce monthly expenses by eliminating the BSQ Explorer Operator roles, since the Mempool Node Operators will gain built-in BSQ Explorer functionality.
* Bisq will gain its own federation of self-hosted Bitcoin Explorers, so the Bisq app can be modified to use the same explorer for both BTC and BSQ transactions. This will reduce reliance on external TTPs such as Blockstream etc.
* Bisq will increase its number of Mempool Fee Estimation backends, increasing the reliability of the Pricenodes to deliver accurate Fee estimation to all Bisq lite nodes.

## Criteria for delivery
When the BSQ Explorer Operators reach Rough Consensus that Mempool has implemented all the tasks below and can replace the BSQ Explorers entirely, we can consider the project to be delivered.

## Measures of success
When all BSQ Explorer Operators migrate to using Mempool, the Bisq users are happy with the change, and the role of the BSQ Explorer Operator is eliminated saving us money each month, we can consider the project to be a success.

## Risks
Not much risk, since Mempool explorer is quite stable, and we can always go back to the current BSQ Explorer code if a major issue arises that can't be immediately fixed for some reason. The only risk I can see is that some transactions are incorrectly displayed until all the bugs are worked out, which can be mitigated with lots of testing before migrating.

## Tasks
- [ ] Implement full BSQ support into the Mempool backend, including parsing the JSON data dumped from a Bisq node every time it changes on disk
- [ ] Implement full BSQ support into the Mempool frontend, including displaying the BSQ transaction metadata, for all BSQ transaction types, as it updates in realtime
- [ ] Must support all functionality of existing BSQ Explorer, and replace seamlessly including identical URL schemas, API endpoints, etc.
- [ ] Scope of BSQ support in Mempool can be expanded in the future to add new features such as displaying DAO vote results, DAO financials, etc. - @bisq-network/growth team might like this feature for integrating with Bisq main website.

## Estimates
Dev: $3000
Ops: $1000

## Notes
Mempool: https://mempool.space/
Mempool on GitHub: https://github.com/mempool/mempool

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