[bisq-network/support] Blocked at "Wait for blockchain confirmation" (#433)

fabio552 notifications at github.com
Mon Jun 22 19:33:51 UTC 2020

![transaction error](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/67288938/85327466-e5ca8300-b4c6-11ea-8be8-5766cf194264.png)
My transaction got stuck at "Wait for blockchain confirmation"

Make fee transaction ID: 468294914d908fe0439fc6cbf2827e6ebb30977830a31a97d8ae5e92704a57cf
Taker fee transaction ID: 6e9a55c9c743504346daa29cc8c74c3cd4c5235cb6f804af25b9066d28ebc86c
Deposit Transaction ID: 6c0a24cd2fbb3675f8040311760a0a138a8549ead36ec3bd4e3f7642fa441a27 (it's not confirming)

The money are locked and I can't do anything from my end.

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