[bisq-network/compensation] For Cycle 14 (#604)

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Mon Jun 22 19:42:49 UTC 2020

>  [<img alt="@MwithM" width="20" height="20" src="https://avatars1.githubusercontent.com/u/50149324?s=60&u=65a2f2e79767a4578310e02ccef7735d0d4ca994&v=4">](/MwithM) [MwithM](/MwithM) assigned [cbeams](/cbeams) [1 minute ago](#event-3469880383)

Thanks, @MwithM, but with my departure, team lead compensation requests should be reviewed by one or more other team leads. I'm not sure exactly how this should be done, i.e. who should be chosen to review whose requests, but one simple way is for the team lead to simply request that another specific team lead do the review. Maybe it would be good to agree amongst the six team leads on a "buddy system" where each cycle, the same leads review each others' requests. That would be good for consistency of reviews and efficiency of process.

So, @m52go, could you name a reviewer?

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