[bisq-network/proposals] Proposal to increase trade deposit to 30% (#233)

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Mon Jun 29 11:15:59 UTC 2020

A "cancel trade" button will make the option more exotic but not change anything fundamental. The buyer will then get some refund if he defaults (uses the "cancel trade" button) which makes the option cheaper for the buyer. This needs to be compensated by a higher security deposit. **Payment account** reputation is separate from the issue of correctly pricing the options.

I made some statistics of the last 28 trades dating back to May 20:

8 buyer unresponsive or quit
5 buyer claims problems and does not pay
8 seller does not confirm or respond.
3 seller confirms in chat.
1 genuine bank trouble.
1 late payment
1 genuine bug
1 seller gave incorrect bank info. no trade occurred.

Three of these trades have been xmr with a trade value above 0.1 btc and two xmr below 0.1 btc. In two of those cases the seller stopped responding despite the trade value being 2.6 btc and 1.95 btc. In one xmr-trade valued above 0.1 btc the seller confirmed in the chat for unclear reasons. Of the 23 fiat trades there is only one above 0.1 btc in value.

It is impossible to say for me if buyers that claim trouble or bugs are honest or not. In all cases they don't pay.
One can also note that a seller can give wrong bank information in order to get the option of accepting a payment or not.

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