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Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Wed Mar 4 17:52:20 UTC 2020

@JeremyRand highly appreciate your thoughtful answer, and I agree. We've been treading a fine line between principle and practicality (as it applies to everyday users who just want help with a trade without having to figure out what IRC is)...and I'm not sure we've figured out the right balance yet.

For what it's worth, Slack is now decommissioned and Keybase is what we primarily use.

As for how to handle the matter at hand—I've been thinking of ways to bridge gaps among all our communication mediums (there are too many) without disenfranchising anyone. There's nothing stopping us from simply creating another matterbridge server for 2-way mirroring of IRC and Matrix into Keybase so those channels can become lively, well-attended, and worth it for users to join.

To that end, once I run this by others and determine how to make this work, I'll make a PR to add the Matrix channel to the website. We're in the midst of a month-long March liquidity campaign, so I can't promise it'll be done immediately, but can make it a priority for April.

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