[bisq-network/bisq] Investigate hardware wallet (Trezor) integration (#1063)

HausIndustries notifications at github.com
Fri Mar 6 11:17:27 UTC 2020

I have experience with HW integration and would personally also appreciate hardware wallets connected as I keep my coins/tokens split between my trezor and my software wallet to be ready for trading.  It does seem like interest has fallen off but with hardware wallets like trezor zero at 40 bucks on amazon no one really has an excuse not to have one. I can def get trezor and likely ledger done pretty well, I have an old keepkey thats dead (idk what happened doesnt turn on anymore) and haven't used other wallets or their integration but really getting one done its just about as easy to get most if not all of them done. Would people be passionate enough about this to push for a BSQ bounty for it. I normally would just do it in my free time and not really care but I'm out of work (kinda in a funk but actually looking to move from my old job to the crypto space) and could really use the money if possible. If not, either way I could outline enough of it that it could be done either by me or someone else interested in helping. 

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