[bisq-network/bisq] Unable to scroll down on pop-up windows (#4036)

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Mon Mar 9 13:07:38 UTC 2020

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### Description

On smaller screens the full height of a pop-up window inside Bisq may not be visible and the user is unable to scroll down to have access to the information, text fields, and buttons at the bottom.

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#### Version


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### Steps to reproduce

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Use a resolution of the screen bellow 1600x1024 and press Ctrl+f to open the Bisq Filter tool.

### Expected behaviour

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The user should be able to scroll down to have access to the content not present on the screen.

### Actual behaviour

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The user cannot scroll down and is left only with the option to close the window by pressing Esc.

### Screenshots

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#### Device or machine

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Tested on Pop!_OS and [13-inch macbook, OS 10.15.3 catalina as reported by an user](https://bisq.community/t/edit-filter-list-window-cannot-by-closed-or-minimized-except-escape/9073)

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