[bisq-network/proposals] Establish project management process (#182)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 9 15:27:01 UTC 2020

@m52go wrote:

> How would this workflow affect this repository (proposals)?

For reference, this is what I wrote about it in the description of bisq-network/projects#1:

> Projects are related to, but distinct from Proposals. Proposals have become overused and in many cases, even when approved formally or informally, are effectively unimplementable or otherwise unmanageable because they do not define work and outcomes in enough detail. Going forward, proposals will continue to serve their function as a decision making mechanism within the DAO, but projects will be the favored approach to managing efforts that require tasks, resources and time to accomplish.

>  I believe you indicated on the screencast that it makes sense to continue using it for clear-cut items like parameter changes, but would it be acceptable to continue using this repository to gauge interest in less well-developed ideas, perhaps as a preliminary indicator of whether composing a project proposal is warranted?

Indeed. If we look at the [current set of open proposals](https://github.com/bisq-network/proposals/issues/), I would say they fall broadly into two categories:

1. ideas looking for interest and feedback
1. concrete, immediately implementable proposals that need consensus

We could label issues that fall into the first category as `an:idea` to make it clear that they are not (yet) an actionable proposal; that what's needed is interest, feedback and discussion. As a result of that feedback, such issues might later become projects, for example.

With regard to the second category, it seems like most concrete proposals are either regarding parameter changes (e.g. reducing maker fees) or changes regarding roles (e.g. promoting a support intern to L1, putting up a bond).

> In general I think the proposals repository is often a medium for thoughtful exchange, and although it might be more messy and less actionable overall, it could complement projects well.

Agreed. I think it would go a long way to simply introduce the `an:idea` label and make it clear that ideas with a lot of interest can move on to being fleshed out as a project proposal if appropriate. This should make it cheap and easy to "just bring something up" without having to go through a lot of effort to spec it out, make a case for it, etc. I think we can also have these sorts of conversation in GitHub discussions, but the proposals repository is already well-established, so let's carry on there with a clear distinction between projects, proposals and ideas.

To get the ball rolling, we can retroactively apply the `an:idea` label to existing open proposals that seem to fit that category. It's an open question what should be done with idea issues that run out of steam, i.e. when they should be closed, etc. If an idea "becomes" a project, it would be closed as superseded by that new project proposal issue. In any case, this is all stuff that can and should be written down in the https://bisq.wiki/Proposals process documentation as it becomes clear.

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