[bisq-network/compensation] [WIP] For Cycle 11 (#507)

ifarnung notifications at github.com
Tue Mar 10 11:34:01 UTC 2020

I will be voting **NO** on another heavily-padded compensation request from Riccardo. He pulls scarce budget resources away from BISQ for non-critical functions, simple as that.

100 BSQ + 100 BSQ a month to manage a Twitter account and a Telegram channel?  No really, but also, 750 BSQ for the same work under a community manager title. Let's at least try to quantify the value of what we receive because the value we give is easy to price on the BSQ market.  It just isn't proportional.

Can I run Bisq_Finland, Bisq_Sri Lanka and Bisq_Russia accounts and get paid a full monthly salary for that?  Sounds too good to be true.

It does bring up a larger discussion though about how much BISQ is going to spend on specific country and language adaptation though?  It's a big commitment to maintain all these languages on a web based platform, when Google translate does a 98% effective job for free.

It's time to drive home the notion that BISQ is on a strict budget at the moment and there must be a triage of things that we need and things that would be nice to have.

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