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Tue Mar 10 14:59:43 UTC 2020

> At present every trader needs to trust the holder of the Bisq donation address

This is incorrect. The holder of the Bisq donation address does not refund failed trades. I believe you misunderstand the roles, which is understandable since they have not yet been fully documented yet. Allow me to clarify based on my understanding of the v1.2 trade protocol refund process:

If a trade is not resolved between the parties within the hard time limit (10 days for crypto and 20 days for fiat), the trade capital can be donated to Bisq by either party broadcasting the pre-signed time-locked payout TX to the Bisq donation address. After verifying the funds were donated on the Bitcoin blockchain, and using the suggested payout from the mediator of the case, the ***Refund Agent*** will then refund the traders. The ***Burning Man*** is not involved in the refund process. To be clear: the Burning Man could steal all the money in the donation address and the traders would still be refunded by the ***Refund Agent***.

If the ***Refund Agent*** does not refund the traders, they can file their own Reimbursement Proposal directly with the DAO as well, based on the suggested payout of the mediator. If they do not agree with the suggested payout of the mediator, they can argue the case further with the DAO (kind of like appealing to the "supreme court", as the DAO is the highest authority in Bisq.)

So just to be really clear, if the ***Burning Man*** does not complete the Proof of Burn as part of his role, and disappears or steals the money in the donation address etc. the traders would still be refunded from the ***Refund Agent*** as normal. The DAO would fire him, revoke his bond, and hire someone new to replace him. The DAO would just lose some money that cycle and no damage would be done to the traders.

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