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Wed Mar 11 00:21:17 UTC 2020

**Cycle** 11
I have mediated **313** cases so far, 
On the previous cycle the biggest issue we faced was the bug that had to do with the seller not being able to confirm that he had received the payment, even though the buyer had clicked on "payment made" correctly.
 On this cycle the main concern relies on the seller not confirming the mediation ticket proposal. Knowing they will lose the deposit, they still disappear after they've received the fiat/altcoin payment from the btc buyer. This does not have an obvious solution but we are currently working on the support team to solve this as soon as possible.

an overview of the reasons why the tickets were opened in the first place would be:

-Failed tx: 20% 
-Seller makes a late confirmation: 20%
-Seller never answers: 10%
-Banking issues: 25%
-User's not having the correct information or using the wrong bank account to make the payment:10%
-seller not being able to confirm the payment was made: 10% 
-Both parties agree to cancel because a mistake was made: 5%

Notice the issue regarding the Sellers not being able to confirm still stands (although significantly reduced) but that is because there have been some cases where users that have opened the dispute had to wait 24hrs for the refresh button to appear so decided to open an early dispute and solve the problem faster. that waiting time will be cut down on future updates.

Invalid txs have been considerable this cycle although the number has not increased dramatically as you might think from comparing from last evaluations, I believe on the previous assessment I was only referring to the later part of the cycle and hence wasn't an accurate representation.

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