[bisq-network/bisq] Vote result is not showing when we keep bisq client minimized (#4051)

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Thu Mar 12 10:10:09 UTC 2020

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### Description
Vote result is not showing when we keep bisq client minimized, while doing block generation from vote reveal phase to next proposal phase.
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#### Version
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### Steps to reproduce
1. raise some compensation/reimbursement requests in alice
2. vote requests from alice and bob
3. generate blocks till vote reveal phase
4. after we see the vote reveal notification popup, keep one bisq client minimized. (alice or bob)
5. generate blocks till next proposal phase (keep one client in minimized state)
6. In next proposal phase, check the vote results. minimized client will not show vote results.

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### Expected behaviour
Even if week bisq client minimized, vote results should show
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### Actual behaviour
when we keep bisq client minimized, vote results not showing.
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### Screenshots
![Screenshot from 2020-03-11 19-32-29](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/55691179/76510288-5ea55200-6477-11ea-8209-fa7ee00f719d.png)

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#### Device or machine

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#### Additional info
Not sure if this is specific to regtest behavior of able to shift between phases quickly.
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