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Fri Mar 13 12:22:30 UTC 2020

I started FAQ wiki page when wiki was just created. I noticed that [Bitcoin wiki FAQ](https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Help:FAQ) was useful, and after asking Steve if it was ok to create a wiki page copying and making little changes from Bisq docs FAQ, I started doing it.
L-BTC was created after asking permission and budget for it at Bisq markets kanban [board](https://grow.bisq.cc/b/jPBBopYuLdGYdDpvF/fiat/RiarQ27BSYGYMcBRh).
FAQ wiki page might not be very useful, and it's more a copy-paste from docs than something new, so I did not charge very much. Also, it's something between support and growth teams and it has no budget, so I think that charging just 10 USD for it is fine.
None of both wiki pages have been announced anywhere. I don't even know exactly how or where should I do it.

Edited request to fulfill listing format.

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