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Fri Mar 13 13:32:16 UTC 2020

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### Proposal
After a Cycle11 internship with a lot of new procedures, I want to apply as Support Agent for Bisq.

### Motivation
I'm a long time user and contributor as Spanish translator without many technical skills, but I provided user assistance in other places. I still have a lot to learn, many times I have needed Support staff to step in, but I'm willing to keep learning.
I have been available on keybase mon-fri 08:00-14:00 GMT officially, but also at other times. I think that's more time than needed, at least by now according to user demand, so I suppose that we will adapt coverage soon. @huey735 which I hope will accept to become support agent, has done a lot more in less time. Anyway, I think I proved I have time availability and dedication. I might have less time availability in the future, but i think I'll easily manage to provide at least 10h/week for support.

### Costs
As far as I know, I'm the first one to ask for future compensation for this role, and I haven't discussed it privately with noone. I guess that, as availability for this role is essential, it should be a certain amount of USD/hour, as just being there (to be able to attend users soon) is delivering something. I'm going to ask for 7.5 USD/hour, but I'm open for discussion. For example, if a kind of case tracking finally goes on, it would make a lot of sense to make it a mixed system of an amount per hour and another amount per solved ticket.

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