[bisq-network/proposals] @huey735 to assume L1 support agent role (#183)

huey735 notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 16 23:17:30 UTC 2020

# Proposal
After many discussions I'll move on and propose myself to the role of Support Agent.

# Motivation

I came into Bisq simply to translate what I could but soon enough I noticed that the little I knew was enough to help others. So that pretty much sums up why I'm here. I'm trying to guide and help those and know less than me in the little areas I can.

# Costs

It isn't easy for me to come up with a value and as the period for proposals is close to an end, I'll follow @MwithM 's lead - https://github.com/bisq-network/proposals/issues/188 - and propose also a 7.5 usd/h rate, working 24h/week spread evenly from Monday to Saturday. The main argument for this model is the requirement of support agents to allocate specific blocs of time to serve those looking for support. I'm ready to be convinced of another model but I don't want to derail this thread any more.

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