[bisq-network/bisq] About 15 trades which cannot be confirmed (payment+mediation) in any way. They lost data in keypub FUNDS-LOCKE FUNDS. (#4072)

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Tue Mar 17 12:28:22 UTC 2020

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### I have got several trades from the time period of 11th-14th March what seems they lost connection to the current actions of confirmations. And I cannot confirm anything at them (payment of the peers or mediation proposals). I was on 1.2.8 during them. I reverted to 1.2.7, now I am on 1.2.9, resynced several times, restarting Bisq client, etc., but still I lost possibility for this set of several trades to confirm anything - also payments of the peers and also I cannot confirm or don't have mediation proposals at the trade (only in the mediation box I can see that there is proposal of mediation).

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#### As a seller I got payments from the buyers, but I wasn't unable to confirm the trade in Bisq wallet due to any bug (there is an error during "confirm the payment"). I tried several times, without results.
It went to mediation, mediator proposed the solution to finish the trade, but I cannot do anything. 
#### I suppose what is a reason - I don't have all these transactions in the section FUNDS-LOCKED FUNDS. It seems that my Bisq client lost any information about escrow deposits for these transactions. So this is a reason why I cannot do any action and the error is present. Also a message of the error in Bisq suggest the same things for all these cases. I'm attaching the screenshot and the report file.
#### The trades are: 1. lixdpd5q-2fe3e778-79b0-4f0c-aa0b-6b890cc5c05c-128 2. isoBOocS-7c18c3c4-000c-4812-bb1f-145e00aefed4-124 3. ZOJHDEQV-120bc973-2340-4554-ad50-779939c1c642-128  4. zp3EakDt-01c7988d-75ae-46e9-874e-79c83f9f8b3f-128 5. nuoiFGM-ec0dff58-e3e3-4dca-88b2-f15254272137-127 6. 26936560-eee52c02-b9a8-4ca4-830a-8a31010a2fff-117 7. LGV1S-aa4692ef-44f7-41f2-b1f7-15f835da10dd-128 8. toKV6Xdf-b08280e0-c482-472e-9fed-5724537e412b-127 9. 9556496-52b5e774-a02e-4805-bd3a-f0e7315f51ad-128 Several other trades will be soon also here.
#### I think that someone like arbitrator must finish them manually, because mediation cannot generate any real possibility - I totallyt locked out at those above trades, I cannot confirm anything, as above.
####  I wrote also to Manfred Karrer on Reddit about all these cases.
![17-03-2020-typical -case-of-lost-locked-funds](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/62290471/76856126-e7930380-6852-11ea-9f14-5b478c8dcf31.jpg)

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