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Tue Mar 17 23:18:23 UTC 2020

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Application to become a support agent following 1 month internship.


I have been a silent Bisq user for just over a year but the ability to transact without an intermediary, buying/selling BTC without having to provide KYC documents, made it clear to me that services like Bisq are a necessity and so I decided that it was time to contribute in whatever I could. Support seemed to be the best fit. Most of my career as been spent in customer service and related fields and so I have significant experience in that sector. Over the last month I continuously improved my  knowledge of Bisq and although there still much to learn, I believe that I can provide a good level of support. Working on the wiki, and having created several pages has certainly helped strengthen my understanding. Throughout my first month of internship I was officially around for 3 hours from Mon - Wed and have since extended my hours from Mon - Fri.


My goal is to contribute and provide support to users of Bisq so that the project can continue to run smoothly. Considering the time spent being present during official hours, compensation does make sense and I side with @MwithM's suggestion of 7.5USD/hour but am open to discussion. 

Although I have not been around as long as @MwithM  or @huey735  i do believe that I can provide value to the team and community. 

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