[bisq-network/growth] Litecoin LTC/BTC Volume Booster Bounty 500 $BSQ (#178)

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Thu Mar 19 08:50:39 UTC 2020

#### Review

Offers have been available 24/7. There's been 4 trades for 2.076 BTC. As Flix noticed, there was a trade for 2.0 BTC that someone took from me while I was hesitant to take. It was a fixed price offer with something like 0.5% premium. I wish there were more like that and I'm glad someone took it, it means market is being watched and attractive offers don't stay for long.

It's going to be a month with an offer in dispute because of future trading. The other part has been completely unresponsive, and arbitrator still made me wait for his response, and informed me that mediators don't share any info with him so everything has to be reviewed again. He told me that the other part has 3 days to answer. Since then, it's been 7 days with no answer from arbitrator, and soon will be a whole month with my funds locked in a trade without any technical issues.
It's very frustrating, disputes for altcoins can be done with 3 days for mediation since trade period expired and 4 days for arbitrator. It's strange that mediator and arbitrator aren't sharing any info, and that the other part can block your funds for such a long time just not accepting mediator suggestion. 

#### Offer structure

Orders for this period might be chaotic depending on mining fees (small offers become unattractive), but this is a reference:

BTC | % 
0.03 | 0.6 - 0.8
0.06 | 0.8 - 1
0.1 | 1 - 1.3
0.25 | 1.3 - 1.7

I might be offering 0.1 and 0.25 BTC orders at very low prices. Special prices will be offered on Thursdays, to Make the Market March.

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