[bisq-network/bisq] Allow IPv6 connections to Bitcoin nodes (#4045)

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Thu Mar 19 19:47:20 UTC 2020

wiz approved this pull request.


After discussion, we concluded that "fixing ipv6" and "preferring ipv6" are very separate scopes, and since "preferring ipv6" has potential side effects, we agreed it would be safer to limit the scope of this PR to only "fixing ipv6", which means the expected case for testcases 3 and 4 below is not to connect to IPv6, but to use the JVM default setting, so now all testcases pass. Tested on macOS and Linux using single stack and dual stack configurations.

1) `2401:b140::42:100,2401:b140::44:130,2401:b140::44:140,2401:b140::44:150`
2) `[2401:b140::42:100]:8333,[2401:b140::44:130]:8333,[2401:b140::44:140]:8333,[2401:b140::44:150]:8333`
3) `node100.wiz.network,node130.wiz.network,node140.wiz.network,node150.wiz.network`
4) `node100.wiz.network:8333,node130.wiz.network:8333,node140.wiz.network:8333,node150.wiz.network:8333`

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