[bisq-network/support] Decide on scope and style of use case articles (#352)

Ken McCall notifications at github.com
Tue Mar 24 06:22:09 UTC 2020

@Bayernatoor @MwithM @huey735 @cbeams So, here's what we need to do for this use-case and most others in the future. Unless there's a direct link to the use-case, we need to create a title that someone experiencing the problem(s) might search for. What we have now is a title that IS the solution. It's unlikely that anyone will search for a solution that they already know. 

So, perhaps the list you have is extensive but not known to be complete. (Which I suspect is likely.) We come up with the best generic title that we can, and in the textual area I'll list the known problems so that they will also enter into the SEO algorithm when someone searches for a  solution to their problem. 

Me not being as we say in the tech writer field, a subject matter expert (SME), I will enlist your help determining a great title that hopefully leads the user to any of their problems.

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