[bisq-network/bisq] User can set custom tx fee to override FeeService estimated fee (#4231)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Mon May 4 06:24:13 UTC 2020

@cbeams requested changes on this pull request.


We allow users to set a custom withdrawal transaction fee rate because it's their problem if they set it too low and end up queued in the mempool for an extended period.

We do not allow users to set a custom trading transaction fee rate because it creates a problem for their trading counterparty if they set it too low. The whole trade will get held up in such a case, and that's unfair to the counterparty who used the default fee or chose a more reasonable custom value.

Nit: for future PRs, please follow the commit guidelines at https://github.com/bisq-network/style/issues/9.

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