[bisq-network/roles] Domain name owner (#77)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Mon May 4 07:00:11 UTC 2020


> I grabbed bsq.network a while back for that exact reason. If interested, I can transfer ownership of that domain so it is controlled by this role.

In the spirit of eventually eliminating the need for this role, or reducing it as much as possible, I wouldn't want to do this. "Domain name holder" should be read as "holder of domains that can't easily have their ownership decentralized". This role is sitting on top of several non-mission critical domains for historical reasons, but I wouldn't want to start adding to that list. Each new domain someone wants to reserve and sit on is something that should probably get voted on as part of normal compensation. If you want to hold onto bsq.network and request compensation for it on a yearly basis or whatever, I think that's fine, but it's not obvious to me which domains are really "worth it" and which aren't. I'd rather leave that to the DAO.

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