[bisq-network/growth] Ether ETH/BTC Volume Booster Bounty 1000 $BSQ (#177)

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Mon May 4 15:21:33 UTC 2020

38 orders in the last period, for more than 4 BTC. Last week had 21 trades for 2.44 BTC, different traders are buying ETH and I think if it wasn't for me they would not find a seller. As most of the trades have been performed by me as maker, I would say that the market making is taking effect. All orders are over 0.7 % spot, so this activity is profitable on its own.
Although volume still needs to increase (bigger orders would be needed for that), April had 61 trades, the second best month since ETH is available for trading at Bisq and a change happened since the start of this bounty.

During this bounty, about 10BTC have been traded. Volume and number of transactions has increased lately, I'll maintain the orders indefinitely but I'll just make a couple more reports until the end of this DAO cycle when I'll make a compensation request for the full amount of the bounty.

@flix1 There was not a change in the strategy, other than the price structure that has been reported through this bounty. Traders want good prices and reliable service, (which includes being able to buy or sell when needed) and I'm providing that. My wish list for Bisq includes segwit -to reduce mining fees-, 2FA and a faster dispute resolution system. 
Making an order now it's cheaper and I think that's good not only for me, but for Bisq in general. The API, a more complete mobile alert system or automatically deactivate instant orders at night would be other remarkable improvements.

I think most of what I had to say have been said in prior posts, but I'm available for any questions that you think necessary.

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