[bisq-network/projects] Migrate Bisq pricenodes from earn.com fee estimation API to our own self-hosted mempool fee estimation API service (#27)

wiz notifications at github.com
Mon May 4 18:53:16 UTC 2020

> This change would be the lowest-risk, because it's just swapping out one API for another.

Replacing earn.com with another TTP / CPOF is not an acceptable solution IMO. If we wanted to do that we could simply query the mempool.space API at https://mempool.space/api/v1/fees/recommended which is the same as https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/api/v1/fees/recommended but this would just make everyone trust my node, which is why I'm proposing that all pricenodes run their own open-source backends for local fee estimation in the spirit of decentralization. AFAIK all pricenode operators already operate bitcoin nodes, so this is very easy to arrange.

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