[bisq-network/support] Batch reimbursement (#366)

leo816 notifications at github.com
Thu May 7 14:03:14 UTC 2020

The batch transaction with txid
[1c29c8f02fa5af48c10c4ac77a7a739f927c30e414e7fa4543b3091e7071ec5c](https://blockstream.info/tx/1c29c8f02fa5af48c10c4ac77a7a739f927c30e414e7fa4543b3091e7071ec5c) has been broadcast and should be included in blocks in a few days.

<img width="1004" alt="Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 15 57 53" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/54798241/81303237-ba591980-907b-11ea-867a-6c960da916c7.png">

The transaction was created against support-366.csv file at the root of this repo at commit b5414de. The csv file for creating electrum transaction was created with the following command:

`$ gawk -F, '{ addresses[$3] += $4+$5 } END { for (address in addresses) printf "%s,%f\n", address, addresses[address]}' support-366.csv |grep -v address > reimbursement.csv`

This prints out addresses to reimburse (column 3) and sums up the trading and mining fee per address (column 4 and 5). As there are payouts to the same address the script sums them up so there is only one line in the csv file, reducing the resulting transaction size and fee. The command also eliminates the header line.

The resulting csv file was fed to Electrum in the Send screen using the Tools -> Pay to many menu option.

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