[bisq-network/bisq] Add rpc wallet protection endpoints (#4214)

Stan notifications at github.com
Tue May 12 15:27:49 UTC 2020


I will see the keybase video later today.  But today I reproduced the error (once) and am working on it now.

An interval of tor circuit breakdown during startup prevented the wallet balance from being updated.  
When I see a series of tor debug statements like these:

	CircuitStatus: 92 CLOSED
	CircuitStatus: 92 CLOSED
	CircuitStatus: 144 FAILED
	CircuitStatus: 148 LAUNCHED
	CircuitStatus: 94 CLOSED
	CircuitStatus: 149 EXTENDED
	CircuitStatus: 148 BUILT
	CircuitStatus: 153 EXTENDED
	CircuitStatus: 153 BUILT
	CircuitStatus: 134 CLOSED
	Ending in many CLOSED statements
	CircuitStatus: 134 CLOSED

the initial null wallet balance cannot be updated.  

But you saw your balance change from a non-null value to null (then you saw `balance is not yet available`).    I suspect the balance is set to null while the tor circuit is broken, but I haven't reproduced that scenario yet.

When the circuit if finally reconstructed -- however long it takes -- the wallet balance is updated (confirmed by hitting my breakpoint @ `Balances#updateBalance`), and the cli can show the balance.  I think this is the problem you found.  If it is, you would have seen your balance after the tor circuit problems resolved themselves.   Eventually.

Right now, the :cli is telling the user that the "balance is not yet available", which is a correct statement, but not specific enough for a :cli user.  I am discussing with @freimair about how this problem is or might be categorized, and how this STATE could be communicated to the :cli user.

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