[bisq-network/bisq] Implement wallet protection rpc methods (#4198)

cd2357 notifications at github.com
Wed May 13 05:32:54 UTC 2020

> There is also a `getbalance` error handling bug that needs fixing: `Error: null` is printed to the :cli console when the daemon is losing peers (`SOCKET_TIMEOUT`).

Two solutions come to mind. When exposing this API, Bisq could:
1. require a local bitcoin node
   * can be on localhost, or any IP/hostname; only requirement is that `peerbloomfilters=1`
2. use the default bitcoin nodes, but not use Tor when connecting to them
   * via Bisq UI: Settings > Network info > uncheck "Use Tor for Bitcoin network"
   * via Bisq command line args: `--useTorForBtc=false` (looks promising, but never tried / used it)

In both those cases, BitcoinJ would entirely bypass Tor to do basic wallet operations (calculate balance, etc).

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