[bisq-network/compensation] For Cycle #13 (#553)

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Sat May 16 10:24:04 UTC 2020

It's hard to review work done when issues solved are linked but not the solution. Linking PRs would be better.

> bisq-network/bisq#3352
> bisq-network/bisq#3510

I think these items are asking too much. The value is limited and it shouldn't take much work to implement. These items seem to have been rejected in previous CRs as well.

> bisq-network/bisq#3899

This has also been rejected before from what I understand, and it's not priority. At least a more reasonable amount requested.

> bisq-network/bisq#3408

This took a lot of review resources due to untested and poorly and was later reverted. Should not get any compensation.

As stand in [team lead](https://bisq.wiki/Compensation#Team_Lead) I reject this request.

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