[bisq-network/growth] Add Daviplata as a payment method (Colombia users) (#194)

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Fri May 29 14:45:37 UTC 2020

Payment method: Daviplata https://daviplata.com

### Why

Daviplata is a neobank derived from banco davivienda, the transactions are instant and without chargebacks. Its widely used here in Colombia in e-commerces.

### Region

Only Colombian users, it only handles the colombian peso COP.

### Chargeback risk

No chargebacks are allowed. If you get scammed, their page states that all you can do its report to the bank and their insurance myay pay-up if they belive a scam has occurred.

### Data requirements

To recive money with Daviplata, you will only need to provide your phone number.
The sender migth requiere to use his national ID card if he is going to send to Daviplata from a davivienda bank account or from a davivienda ATM that allows deposits. If he is sending from another Daviplata, he will not requiere his national ID.

### Verification

A sender can ask its daviplata app to send his transaction history to his email, wich can be notarized with TLSNotary. The transactions have an ID called "Numero de autorizacion" but these cannot be consulted by anyone, its for internal use by the bank.

### Duration

>From daviplata to daviplata, from davivienda bank account or from ATM deposit, the payments are instant. From other banks to Daviplata it can take up to 2 working days.

### Fees

>From Daviplata to Daviplata, from davivienda bank account or from ATM deposit, there is no fee. There migth be variable feeds from an external bank to daviplata, but these vary upon the bank. My bank fees to Daviplata is less than 1$.

### Fraud risk

Man in the middle attack, to open a Daviplata account, you dont even need to give any personal data besides your phone number, but other than that, i dont know how it can be used to fraud a bitcoin seller.

### Trading limits

A maximun of 2.800.000 can be transferred to a Daviplata (about 750$) and this is also a monthly  limit for all your transactions. I.E. If i use daviplata for anything else, this limit will decrease, so you migth be limited to buy even less.

### Privacy protection:

High, to either send or recive  to Daviplata, i only need to provide my phone number. If im sending to daviplata from any other method, i migth need to provide my national ID, but the reciver wont know what my national ID is.

###Aditional notes:

Im proposing this method because Daviplata is very popular in Colombia and there is no COP volumen in Bisq and i will volunteer in anything needed to set this method. With risk of putting a bad name on Colombian people (im Colombian anyway), people tend to be dishonest and try to fraud if the oportunity appears. I would suggest at least a 30% collateral for the 2/2 multisig, and i wouldnt mind at all at 50%. Also, to kickstart this. I would ask for a signed account under this method and i would put small trades to sign other people.

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