[bisq-network/support] Fee reimbursement for trade zyjzoe5 (#976)

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Wed Aug 4 01:36:20 CEST 2021

Hi @ghubstan thanks for creating this issue.

I can confirm that I did not have a ticket created in my mediator account for `zyjzoe5`

I sent over my logs to @jmacxx and it looks like at the same time you raised the ticket my Bisq instance was forcibly closed as a result of the java heap space error.

I was therefore unable to communicate with either trade party in my Bisq instance.

You reached out on Keybase but the BTC Buyer did not.

Looking at your [taker fee](https://mempool.space/tx/f4f616634526068951761fb95b699dda8ee9e2bbc3a965fe2c3ee94cec9bf78b) it appears that you paid the fee in [BSQ](https://mempool.space/bisq/tx/f4f616634526068951761fb95b699dda8ee9e2bbc3a965fe2c3ee94cec9bf78b). 

As there was no [maker fee](f92ca78ae9f9385b499ca48081f0fa0b25e3d3bbb0ae572cf3cfd133ad38f85d) the trade failed and no deposit tx id was created.

Therefore you have lost in this trade: 2,390 sats plus the trade fee of 3.21 BSQ.

I think the 'locked' 0.04604780 BTC is more likely to be a GUI error.

I will message you on Keybase to see if this can be confirmed ,or not, and report back. 

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