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# Overview of Planned Work

This post outlines the conceptual overviews, data sources, and planned work for 2 pages: a new /dao page and /dao/cycle-n pages with cycle details.

The goal is to auto-generate all items below (exception: proposal descriptions, since those are necessarily subjective and reflective). It assumes updates will take place monthly right after the end of a cycle. Most data should be available locally (e.g. Bisq data dumps), but GitHub and Mempool may be needed for some things...the idea is to get all the data, process it, auto-generate pages as outlined below, add proposal commentary (which would be optional, strictly speaking), and push to GitHub.

The /dao page outlined below should replace the page currently at /dao as well as the current /stats page.

## `/dao` - Conceptual Overview

_This overview will be wireframed shortly for design feedback (see task list below)._

**Graph (single graph with all 3 data series)**
- bsq supply (solid main line)
- altcoin volume (dotted line)
- fiat volume (dotted line)

**Tiles for each cycle**
- cycle number
- timeframe (blocks)
- timeframe (calendar)
- link to cycle-n page for more details

**Learn more about the DAO**
- link section much like the existing one at /dao


## `/dao/cycle-n` - Conceptual Overview

_This overview will be wireframed shortly for design feedback (see task list below)._

**Trading Overview**
- volume (+ number of trades) by market
- volume (+ number of trades) by payment method

**Network Funds Transfers**
- Supply Decreases
  - bsq burned
    - types of transactions (number + sum)
  - btc fees
  - total equivalent supply decrease
- Supply Increases
  - compensation
    - compensation by function
    - compensation total
  - reimbursement 
    - reimbursement total (sum + number of reimbursements)
  - total bsq issuance
- Net Supply Change

- Proposals and Voting, At a Glance
  - number of proposals, number of votes, total voting weight
- Proposals, In Detail
  - proposal details + outcome


## Task List

What needs to be done...

### UI
- [ ] Wireframe interface for new DAO status page (/dao)
- [ ] Wireframe interface for DAO cycle details pages (/dao/cycle-n)
- [ ] Get feedback from pedromvpg and others on UI

### Obtain Data
- [ ] Establish reliable tools to obtain data for proposed interface (enumerated below)

### Plug Data into Interface
- [ ] Generate /dao and /dao/cycle-n pages programatically

### Document
- [ ] Make it easy for others to run the scripts and create reports for new cycles


## Data Sources

_Where will the data come from?_

#### /dao
- BSQ supply (may be easiest to parse current supply from https://mempool.space/bisq/stats, then add back interim burn from existing script; script to get interim burn exists)
- Fiat volume (use existing script)
- Altcoin volume (use existing script)
- Cycle numbers, blocks, and time frames (script needed; best data source is probably bisq's dao json dump)

#### /dao/cycle-n
- Volume by market (use existing script)
- Volume by payment method (use existing script)
- BSQ burned in cycle, types of transactions, etc (use existing script)
- **BTC fees collected in cycle (script needed; see discussion at the end of this thread for further details: https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/discussions/5171)**
- Compensation by function (https://github.com/bisq-network/growth/tree/master/reporting/compensation-bot works, but may have reconciling issues)
- Total compensation and total reimbursements (script needed; best data source is probably bisq's dao json dump)
- Total BSQ issuance (easy to get from bisq's dao json data dump)
- DAO cycle figures (also in the dao json data dump)
- Proposals in detal (will need to be written by hand; only manual part, optional)

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