[bisq-network/support] Fee reimbursement for trade zyjzoe5 (#976)

Stan notifications at github.com
Wed Aug 11 16:13:54 CEST 2021

I have lost 2,390 sats plus the trade fee of 3.21 BSQ in this failed trade.  Several conversations with @pazza83 (keybase) and my tx history tell me I may have not lost what my GUI says are locked up 0.04604780 BTC.  When I have time, I will run the API over this data dir to see if the problem is lower down than the GUI layer, down in `bisq.core` or the `bitcoinj` library.  

I don't want to lose open offers by moving funds from this corrupted(?) data dir for a new one, to make this problem go away and close the issue.  But @leo816 will do as he sees fit -- to follow the protocol in this situation.  If I discover something interesting after more troubleshooting on my end, I can re-open or reference this issue in a new one.

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