[bisq-network/bisq] Forced to overpay tx fees (#5662)

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Sat Aug 14 14:37:38 CEST 2021

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### Description

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Did not find any voted proposals on minimum custom fee recently. If so, it has been arbitrarily set at 15 sat, which is too high.
Being forced to pay even 2 sats is too high for withdrawals.

Now app seems to force even new offer tx fees too high by failing offer creation with CreateMakerFeeTX error, even after funding TX already confirmed.
Then have to withdraw at 15 sat fee, and waste more sats. 

#### Version

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### Steps to reproduce

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Create new offer to sell BTC
Fund with 2 sat tx fee from external wallet

### Expected behaviour

<!--description of the expected behavior -->
Minimum custom fee to fund or withdraw set by the user works as it did in previous versions with 2 sat minimum.

### Actual behaviour

<!-- explain what happened instead of the expected behaviour -->
Minimum tx fee errors and failed offer funding.

### Screenshots

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#### Device or machine

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Linux Fedora 33

#### Additional info

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