[bisq-network/bisq] Lost ~0.02159616 BTC during 0.01 BTC trade (#5661)

DarkAnge1 notifications at github.com
Thu Aug 19 12:22:52 CEST 2021

Short summary after our discussion with @pazza83 on Keybase: 

It seems that this is what happened:
1. I've decided to create a sell offer, clicked Create Offer and proceeded till offer funding. 
2. I've encountered issue with balance recognition as described in #5623 
3. I've decided to make workaround with sending funds to another address so Bisq recognizes it. I leave tab with offer funding and proceed to Funds->Receive funds.
4. I pick address from "Receive funds" tab and send money there.
5. I do not wait for confirmation and after returning back to tab with the offer, I fund an offer with ID: 92920380
6. It seems that addresses for the offer are selected when offer is created, before it is funded, so the address I've picked up was already planned to be used in offer 92920380 (but that wasn't reflected by "Receive funds" section) and once I've funded the offer that address switched context - thus no longer visible in UI.

If this is the case - I believe this is an area for improvement.

In order to resolve my issue we've agreed with @pazza83 that I will create new instance of Bisq and will use Ctrl-E in order to withdraw hanged funds onto new Bisq wallet. Haven't done it yet - will post an update once done.

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