[bisq-network/support] Double payout for trade QMuSw (#987)

refund-agent2 notifications at github.com
Thu Aug 19 12:37:27 CEST 2021

Due to this [bug](https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/pull/5649), the Bisq client created 2 different payouts for the trade QMuSw.
I have asked to the onion address wu3hk... to reimburse me the funds through the dev's key to send private notification to peers.

The 2 payouts are: 

Both tx are sending 0.0125 BTC to the address bc1q2f9jc9pjuskqdvw4vmw3ejvamap49vdh744en3 so I demand the owner of this address to return back 0.0125 BTC by sending them to the address bc1qy3ww47sh8q9z4xh7az20g6rxu6faukpfdpr4x3 (used as input in the second payout) or to the DAO donations address 34VLFgtFKAtwTdZ5rengTT2g2zC99sWQLC.

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