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Sat Aug 21 21:29:24 CEST 2021

## Learning Goal/Objective

To leverage brief, but dense/impactful on demand snippets aimed at twitter to expose people to Bisq UX prior to downloading

## Hypothesis

Countless people tell me "I've been meaning to sit down and check out bisq" because they hear about it but don't know what it looks like.  Quick shots on social media can trigger FOMO, expose people to the UI, generate buzz, and guide them toward longer videos and demos. This can lead to more Bisq usage.

## Experiment Design

Recording the Bisq experience, remove filler, add brief commentary and overlays. Get people talking about Bisq on twitter more, specifically the UX ("wow I didn't realize the security deposit was non-custodial," "the mediation and arbitration process is well thought out" etc).  Social media engagement will be a measure of reach.

## Resource Estimation and Probability

Low dev effort. I can do it with screen capture and basic video editing. There are plenty of influencers that would happily retweet. If successful, we can also crosspost on other social media.

## Results
> _- What happened?_
> _- Did we succeed or fail?_
> _- What data did we collect?_
> _- Anything unexpected?_
> _- How close have we been to our prediction?_
> _- Why did we see the result that we did?_


## Learnings
> _-What did we learn by running this experiment?_


## Action Items
> _- Another experiment for this goal?_
> _- How do we progress from here on?_ 


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