[bisq-network/support] Fee reimbursement for trade JIUXU (#989)

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Sun Aug 22 02:00:57 CEST 2021


Maker: f642cec060a23d63870ea2fbfb79ecb43a93f7343ea201d0edfc9b5d0af38c98
Taker: eb88403f2df525c35f3f40213471728c6e10ee66c97e160caeed8c9e61235ab5
Deposit: 890bae78e3fcb6db97f5111f6e8571906fda038cb957b31c685d4b1acb71f5a6

Delayed payout TX ID: b6e800d42a9bb89d781cad721d3a86c978841e6cc70aa2acc0d4760bb75caa75
Delayed payout TX sent to: 34VLFgtFKAtwTdZ5rengTT2g2zC99sWQLC

Bisq version: v1.7.2
BTC address for reimbursement: bc1q3zu5ynssg2slauqvafuwzyfw38dupy4ttg479x

Other notes:

Requesting reimbursement for failed mediation due to the payout having to be adjusted and the adjusted payout transaction failing to be broadcast.

Funds are still locked as you can see in the deposit TX.
I requested a manual payout from the mediator, leo, and signed the manual payout transaction, but I have not received anything or heard anything since then.


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