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Sun Aug 22 06:38:40 CEST 2021

I like your idea for a desired outcome.  Some potential topics:

- Connect to your node (loling as I write this because it's just starting your node first if on the same machine)
- Find the trade you want (aka be a maker aka set it and forget it... but don't really forget it)
- Get mobile notifications (this is still a thing right? haven't tried in a while because grapheneOS)
- Pervert coupons- this is hyperbolic, but it's important for people to change their mindset on the KYC discount.
- Zero to hero- if you cut out all of the waiting, I think it's possible to show from download to "keep funds in Bisq wallet" how easy it is to buy Bitcoin in <2 min.
- Best practices- how to have a positive experience (this could be an entire mini series). Example: when fees are low, you can create a bunch of trade offers and turn them on as you need them.
- DCA sans KYC- there's a lot written on the merits of DCA but I haven't seen a satisfying enough emphasis on trying to objectively measure the stress:return ratio of DCA. Some people's hands get itchy if they're not actively involved in managing their funds with leads them to trading. Well here's a solution: since Bisq isn't automated, you take an active role and are incentivized to actively manage your hot/cold fund balance as well as keeping an eye on how much Bitcoin you have, and how much fiat you invest.  You can tend to the garden of stacking sats without turning down the dark alley of day trading and trading on leverage.
- Get hype- I think there's merit to building up the confidence of people who use Bisq, and trying to meme the "you are a badass if you do this" aspect of it.

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