[bisq-network/bisq] Add SWIFT payment method (#5672)

dav1dpgit notifications at github.com
Wed Aug 25 09:53:16 CEST 2021

Some comments:

* Receiving banks usually convert incoming SWIFT wires into the domestic currency at a steep premium.  If this is not desired by the recipient he/she must instruct the SWIFT sender to include "DO NOT CONVERT" in the comment field, but the recipient must be able to handle multicurrency incoming SWIFT payments.  Per the comment from @Conza88 it may be useful to notify at the SWIFT account setup something along the lines of "Be aware:  Your receiving bank may convert incoming SWIFT wires to the domestic currency without notice unless specifically instructed not to do so by the SWIFT sender and/or receiver. Bank conversions will result in a different quantity and currency received than the bisq trade quantity and currency.  Discuss with your bank how to prevent this from occurring before initiating a SWIFT transaction."

* I see at the end of other thread (#1789 ) when setting up the bisq SWIFT settlement method the bisq user must choose the currency.  Will this necessitate a separate SWIFT settlement method for every currency one is willing to receive?  I do not think this is optimal, particularly as some users can accept multicurrency SWIFT payments, and others will simply let their bank automatically convert SWIFT payments into the domestic currency.  I suggest a checkbox set of currencies acceptable (similar to the REVOLUT) when setting up the SWIFT settlement method.

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