[bisq-network/bisq] Update api beta test guide: add 'editoffer' (#5577)

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Tue Jul 13 15:34:33 CEST 2021

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> +- Change a fixed price offer to a market price margin based offer.
+- Change a fixed price offer's fixed price.
+_Note: the API does not support editing an offer's payment account._
+The subsections below contain examples related to specific use cases.
+#### Enable and Disable Offer
+Existing offers you create can be disabled (removed from offer book) and re-enabled (re-published to offer book).
+To disable an offer:
+./bisq-cli --password=xyz --port=9998 editoffer \
+    --offer-id=83e8b2e2-51b6-4f39-a748-3ebd29c22aea \
+    --enabled=false

Fixed in commit a4278a4147c78ae7e4350058457af59a0083c9de.

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