[bisq-network/projects] Integrate wallet and blockchain data modules in Misq (#58)

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Fri Jun 4 23:03:38 CEST 2021

## Description

Further to #52, this project is to integrate Bitcoind and Electrum wallets functionally within the Misq project.  This will permit Misq trading and funds transfer to be performed using either of these two different wallets.

## Rationale

A large part of Misq goal is to have the ability to choose between different third party wallet implementations.  Without it we would be joined at the hip to BitcoinJ as is the case with Bisq.

## Criteria for delivery

The project will be complete when you can make trades in Misq using either Bitcoind or Electrum wallets.

<!-- Make a checklist defining the end state of the project. How will we know that the project is complete, i.e. delivered? What will exist at the completion of this project that does not exist now? What will have changed? What communications, promotions and/or documentation will exist to ensure people know about these changes? -->

## Measures of success

Misq trading can be performed.  It will be worthwhile for people to onboard to Misq due to the flexibility and reliability improvements that having different wallet options affords.

## Risks

Diverts developer energy to the Misq project, away from Bisq.

## Tasks

- [ ] Migrate from Proof of Concept wallet API (#52) to production ready wallets API.  This will evolve as other areas of Misq are fleshed-out.
- [ ] Integrate with the results of #53 so that wallet modules may be loaded dynamically into Misq.
- [ ] Integrate with the results of #54 so that wallet modules may be used for trading.
- [ ] Integrate the wallet API with the Misq codebase, specifically for Trading and Funds transfer.  This will require collaboration with other Misq developers.
- [ ] Implement a setup, connection & status UI for the chosen wallets (i.e. connect to MyNode).
- [ ] Packaging, download & run of Electrum daemon within Misq client.

## Estimates

$15K USD when the Misq project is able to do live trades.
Current estimate is that it would take 6 months to bring Misq to that state; that is the duration of this sub-project.

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