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Sun Jun 6 16:32:08 CEST 2021

Agenda dev call 7.6.2021:

- Updates devs
- Webapp approach - @cd2357 started on a JSP based prototype, @ghubstan suggested that we do not go further on that as JSP are tighly coupled architecture and outdated. A grpc based API delivering json via ratpack server is considered atm. Frontend can be then any (node.js based?). Frontend project will be dedicated repo once we have a dev for that and its decided which framework will be used. 
- @cbeams commented in a private chat that we should re-think grpc and instead favor a REST api. I asked him to write his arguments down and lead the discussion on that. 
- @cbeams also suggested to make a kickoff call for misq. I think that would be a good idea. I think its still not very clear to many Bisq contributors whats the project about - and there are also still conceptual gaps (like fee payment, if/how DAO is integated,...). So would be good to get a broader understanding of the goals of the project.

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