[bisq-network/roles] L1 Support Agent (#64)

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Mon Jun 7 01:56:50 CEST 2021

## Cycle 25 Support

I have been available all my usual hours on Keybase support the following hours this cycle:

23.00 - 02.00 UTC Friday evening - Saturday morning
23.00 - 02.00 UTC Saturday evening - Sunday morning
23.00 - 03.00 UTC Sunday evening - Monday morning

I have also participated with all the support calls this cycle. 

Cycle was busy to start with drop in btc price causing mempool activity to escalate and result in users having to wait in some cases a few days for confirmations and payouts. I think the volatility also brings more activity with people wanting to buy the dip.

The latter half of the cycle have been less busy. The mempool has cleared out and there seems to be less trading activity. I guess everyone is out of funds from buying the dip!

Conditions for trading are currently optimal for trading on Bisq so hope people get to take advantage of this time before the next period of escalating miner fees starts.

V1.6.5 was released this cycle and it's rollout has gone smoothly.

I have been active on Keybase, Reddit and Bisq community forum helping answer questions.

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