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Stan notifications at github.com
Mon Jun 7 15:08:34 CEST 2021

> If it is just re-using the jpackage mac signing params than it might not work.

It might not.  If it doesn't we could fork it and add what it needed to make it work , doing all the packaging tasks in java.
Here is the pulgin's gradle task with all the configurable properties:  https://github.com/petr-panteleyev/jpackage-gradle-plugin/blob/master/src/main/java/org/panteleyev/jpackage/JPackageTask.java

Here are the mac os (signing) related `jpackage` params.  There are set in the build file's jpackage-plugin config:

      // OS X specific parameters    
      private String macPackageIdentifier;    
      private String macPackageName;    
      private String macPackageSigningPrefix;    
      private boolean macSign;    
      private String macSigningKeychain;    
      private String macSigningKeyUserName;

      if (isMac()) {
        addParameter(parameters, "--mac-package-identifier", macPackageIdentifier);            
        addParameter(parameters, "--mac-package-name", macPackageName);            
        addParameter(parameters, "--mac-package-signing-prefix", macPackageSigningPrefix);            
        addParameter(parameters, "--mac-sign", macSign);            
        addParameter(parameters, "--mac-signing-key-user-name", macSigningKeyUserName);            
        addFileParameter(parameters, "--mac-signing-keychain", macSigningKeychain);        

Does it look like the OS X config params are missing something Bisq's `desktop/package/package.gradle` needs?

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